These are some of the questions I have been asked a few times. And these are the comebacks I wished I had had.

  • Oh, your husband cooks? You are so lucky!

He is very lucky too. I am a good cook myself.

  • You cooked just one curry for your husband?

I don’t just cook. I work, do household chores, exercise AND cook. Also, I cook nutrition packed food. I know how to take care of myself and I educate myself constantly.

  • Why do you have to do makeup?

If we had just one flavor of ice-cream in this world, life…

How to install Microsoft Teams (and other softwares) on Ubuntu 20.04.2 LTS [with screenshots]

Note: For other softwares, you need to download the corresponding “.deb” file. The other steps are the same.

  1. Download Teams software for your system from the below link:

The .deb file will be in your “Downloads” folder.

Image by Coffee Bean from Pixabay

I won’t be writing a “How To” article. Instead, I will share the links of all the articles and other resources I referred to seamlessly create my github portfolio page in minutes.

1.Github repo I forked (This is the template) :

2. How to create a “Github Pages” portfolio using the template shared above(Point 1) in minutes:

3. How to customize the repo your forked(Point 1) :

4. Free online favicon generator : (I used the 16x16 size)

5. Free online avatar maker :

When you try to set up an anaconda environment for a python project, you may have come across several errors when installing the required libraries. After a few trials and errors, I have come up with the order of steps to be followed to get the environment set up and working.

Important: I wrote this article not just as a guide to install tensorflow and python, but as a general guide to :

  1. Set up the anaconda environment with the required libraries.
  2. A list of useful commands.
  3. Downgrading library versions within the Anaconda environment.

Sort of a cheat sheet.

Steps for Installation


Photo by Luis Quintero from Pexels

Since the beginning of the ‘nuclear family’ structure and since we began migrating for job opportunities, we don’t always have an understanding grandparent, uncle, aunt or cousin around for us to confide in. And parents don’t always understand our situation simply because they don’t have an idea of the pressures faced by the current generation. Meaning, many of us experience excruciating loneliness at one point or the other. In such a scenario, friends will have to fill the gap.

It’s not easy asking a friend for help.
It might be easier if a person in need knows that we are available for help.
Let’s reach out to our friends.

Being able to take screenshots of your desktop and edit it is a very useful functionality. It enables one to capture, for example, an error, highlight a specific area that you want attention to be drawn to and share it with someone who could possibly help you. I, for one, know that it is very useful in an office setting. You can take a screenshot of your desktop when you are stuck due to some error, share it instantly with your colleague who already has experience fixing this issue and get it resolved in no time. Or you can share…

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I mostly write articles on productivity and some topics from Computer Science

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