Productivity Series : Part 5 — Taking Care Of Yourself

Image by ijmaki from Pixabay

Note : This is Part 5 of the ‘Productivity’ series. You can also check out

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A little poem

Mobile phone, laptop, heels and to-do list,

I wander from project to project, with all those bonuses in my fist.

But, once in a while, the little girl inside me wants a break,

And I am just happy to give her cake.

I want a TV show, a cup of milk and a cozy blanket,

And the busy lady inside me knows not to make a racket.

For I must take rest; mend my bruised feelings,

Lest I forget my blessings.

What I mean to say is that once in a while, you will feel moody and just want to curl up on the sofa under a warm blanket. Let me tell you that it’s perfectly alright!

We need to learn to take care of ourselves. And when our body screams for a break, we should gladly take the opportunity to rejuvenate ourselves. It may not necessarily be physical tiredness. We should also learn to recognize mental fatigue and sadness. Sometimes, we are overworked to the point of not wanting to do anything work related. Or, sometimes, a bad interview just zaps out the happiness from our soul. Whatever be the reason, there is no point in forcing the body to work when the mind wants a desperate break.

Many hours of Netflix, a delicious pizza and a cozy blanket always does the trick for me.

Have you figured out what works for you?

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